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Cock Splat!

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Neck Choke

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I Do Comics!

Yes, I also make comics!

I accept comics commissions and trust me, I give the lowest compensation for my comics.
If you're interested, just tell me the story (and if you have the script), how many pages you want and any request...
and send it to my e-mail at

Someone's Enjoying The Fight

Nut Crusher

Hunky Studmuffin

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Forest Rescue


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The Squeeze

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The Grab

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Tit Bust!

Girl Power

Ball Bust at the Gym

You're Right!!!

"If it wasn't for fans pushing you there wouldn't any nudity here at all. This makes me wonder why...
Is because you've grown tired of such things, is it because you've become fearful of the new brutal government reign or some other unseen element, you have an audience that no other website has you create art for others in your niche style capitalise on this.

Don't turn others to copycat sites... right now no one has your tap but sooner or later someone will and they'll have the nudes they'll have the sexual defeats and self pleasuring victories and the commissions that inspire it... but it began here not there and that's what your fans want here... NOT there."
                                    - Anonymous

You're right.
I guess I haven't been making a lot of nude battles lately... that's because I was ( for so many times) been kicked out from  DeviantArt that I thought by making those nude works, Google may do the same.

But again, you're right... so I promised to make my fans happy by making more nude battles again. It is because of you guys what I am here right now, and I guess I own it all to you.

Tasha M.

East vs. West - Karate Chop!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017