Friday, April 18, 2014

Scifi Stud


sfzephyr said...

I just "discovered" your website yesterday, and your artwork is AMAZING!!! Your studs are pure masculine perfection, and it's powerfully erotic seeing them dominated and destroyed by women who are a fraction of their height and half (or maybe only a third!) of their weight!

I particularly love your images of huge muscular men getting their big balls bashed in. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of some mighty male stud having his manhood totally wrecked -- the more muscular the guy and the bigger his bull balls, the harder I get.

Would love to see you draw some handsome, cocky, muscle-swole stud with truly titanic sperm tanks having his proud gonads slowly but inexorably reduced to rubble. His huge balls are bludgeoned, beaten, and battered in every way imaginable, and right before they finally cave in and explode spectacularly in their sac, the mighty hunk lets loose one final, magnificent orgasm, totally painting his chiseled belly, mammoth chest, cannonball shoulders, and even the floor and wall behind him with more than a dozen ultra thick streamers of his supremely potent jizz.

The achingly handsome scifi warrior in this image is an excellent candidate for that fate, in my opinion... :)

G-8 said...

Would love to see a sexy scifi babe wipe this guy out!