Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lethal Foot Job

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Anonymous said...

Redo this one with a few more shots before this one better explaining the situation. Maybe the hunk tried overpowering her and having his way with her even though she didn't want it. He tossed her on the couch and held her down, as she felt his massive package forcefully rub against her delicate body. Then she turned the tables on him by striking his genitals. Surprised and in pain he repositioned his body off the poor girl and now on his back, legs open. She's now in the controlling position, and she wants revenge. So she forces on him the "Lethal Foot Job" to dominate, emasculate, and humiliate him. As she watches the once towering, mighty, dominant, and arrogant man, lay there unable to defend his "pride", she gets turned on. This is where you follow up with this pic showing her finishing him, while pleasuring herself. ;)