Thursday, January 17, 2013

Deadly Ladies in Undies (Feb. 2)


timdonehy200 said...

Very nice work and blog, well done!

Anonymous said...

pic 4 and 6 are sooooo hot!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Would love to see #5 (46)same situation with him cumming through an extremely skimpy stretched thong. Next scene, her licking him through the thong! My fantasy!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your site your artwork is amazing. I love Female vs Male fantasy violence (with the females winning of course) and I REALLY love White males losing to non-White females (nothing against White males I like them in real life but I just love to see them get defeated in FANTASY mixed violence). Please keep up the good work! Here is my take on this:

Picture #2) Sexy Black girl kills a White guy and knocks out 2 beautiful White girls and lets them live.

Picture #3) A sexy brown girl masturbates 2 White guys in a back alley before killing them effortlessly with her bare hands.

Picture #6) A sexy mixed girl kills 4 White guys with her bare hands in revenge for what they did to her brother.

Picture #7) A sexy White girl kills 3 White guys with a crossbow on her way to rescue her Asian boyfriend who was being held prisoner for dating her. She goes on to kill another few dozen White guys and rescues her Beau. White guys treat White women as property will be massacred White female amazons.

Picture #9) Black girl kills 3 White guys in a Gladiator match.

I hope you don't mind me leaving all these comments it really helps me enjoy your website a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Another great set of pics! First one is pretty hot...the ladies making out over the kill!

But the best are the third and eighth pics...I just can't decide which is the better! I expect the guy in the third pic to lose it with his cock being pounded like that. I had a girlfriend that used to beat the cum out of my cock and it was always the hottest sex. But the guy in the eighth pic is losing it just from getting beaten up...showing a deeper level of submission to his dominator! Both are incredible!

Would love to see more like that!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love #5! That stud is so defenseless and exposed I love it. The chicks have already removed his little undies, and now they are going to pleasure him well past his climax to kill him by overstimulating his beautiful circumcised cock! Thanks for the artwork Tasha, if you get some free time please make more like #5!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the others, please do more like number five please! So sexy to see such a big man, a alpha male handcuffed behind his back, defense less, and at the sexual mercy of the two much smaller women!

FeministdominatesexistMen said...

More like #5 please!!! #5 is amazingly satisfying!